What Is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is now everywhere. It is sitting in plain sight. If you are trained to recognize it, you will see it everywhere. Its power can be felt by the sickness, failure, death, and setback that are occurring so often in our daily life. If you live in a real world at all, you must have felt it and seen it. May God enlighten you so you will learn how to resist it.

Witchcraft is hard to be defined in one sentence. It is everything that has to do with using secret spiritual knowledge and occult science to manipulate and destroy human beings.

When you watch TV for more than a few minutes, you most likely would enter the hypnotic state, and just like that you are being bewitched by the witchcraft that has been utilized by the media. The way they look at you in the eyes, the script they carefully crafted, and the visual aids they show on screen, everything has been carefully designed and studied to steer your belief into certain directions. When you look at website, cartoon, advertising, movies, posters, and etc, there are often subliminal messages hidden in somewhere, and your subconscious can pick them up without your conscious mind realizing it. A usual subliminal message is the word “sex”. It explains why some people would suddenly have an implusive urge to satisfy their lust in the most random time and place. This is witchcraft.

Witchcraft is occult science. It studies how to manipulate humans in the spiritual, body, and mind levels. The most recognized forms of witchcraft such as curse, hex, spell, remote reviewing, divination, and etc are just a tip of the iceberg. The whole thing is much bigger than that. See one of the most educational video I found on this, click here.

(I will introduce some effective spiritual means that counter the very dark things that I am going to expose in this article, so please stay with me, even though it must be very difficult for you to read about the truth of these things)

Pharmaceutical = Witchcraft

The chemical drugs are called pharmaceutical drugs for a reason. The word “pharmaceutical” is derived from the Greek word, “Pharmakeus”, which means “to practice witchcraft”. Using chemical to suppress certain symptoms while creating other symptoms is a manipulation of the body. Mind altering drugs manipulate the mind, but there are no conclusive evidence that show that psychiotic drugs heal any “mental disorders”. There are also very little actual evidence that prove that some of the so called “mental disorders” really exist at all, or if the disorders are just results of malnourishment, poisoning, or drug induced damages.

This industry has done a lot of evil to the people in the last 100 years. Many patients died due to wrong diagnosis, to the ever-changing, experimental drugs in the name of new drug research, and to many other direct or indirect damages that the industry caused. Many people got locked up in mental institutions for non-exist mental disorders that the establishment invented. In fact, a lot of people started showing mental symptoms because of the prescribed drugs they took. Real mental disorders are usually brain damages that are caused by toxins, heavy metals, and abuses. In other words, witchcraft causes mental disorder! (verbal, emotional, and physical abuses are witchcraft)

Do you know how much poisons and pharmaceutical mind altering drugs they put into our tap water? Many experts have voiced their concerns, but the governments did not listen. There are many documented harms that come from the drugs in our water. Fluoridation of the water is a spiritual attack. The main purpose of fluoridation is to pacify the population, so they would cause less trouble for the state. The first nation that fluoridated the water was the Nazi German in World War Two. It was documented that they did it to control the people. Fluoride also minimizes fertility, so it fits the depopulation agenda of the elites too. Witchcraft is about control!

The drug industry has generated a lot of profits for the evil elites. Illegal drugs sales and smuggling are also their domain. The Satanic elites behind the drug industry are also the people who controlled the “drug war”, and the private prison systems that imprisoned the drug addicts that they created. They monopolized the health care being provided to the prisoners as well. The money they are making through witchcraft is huge.

If you want to know the many sins of the pharmaceutical industry, please visit healthwyze.org, a Christian alternative health site that gives you a lot of great insights and well researched information about health. They cover the drugging of our tap water very well, and expose shocking truth about cancer, diabetes, autism, and more.

Mind Controlled Slaves

Zombie isn’t entirely fictional. The notorious lobotomy procedure was used to treat people with “mental disorder” in the last century. Today it is still used in rare case. Using mind altering drugs to change the chemistry of the brain to suppress normal emotions, or even to chemically lobotomize the brain to remove its functions, is part of the zombiemization of human beings.

The ultimate mind control is the Illuminati mind control, which is well documented in the Christian book, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave. The authors, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, named many names, locations, organizations, occult religion, and secret societies behind the conspiracy of creating total mind controlled slaves for the Satanic elites.

When you read it, you will find out that ingredients for mind control are really there in plain sight: hypnotism, mind altering drugs, tortures, sodomy (to assault the nerves at the end of the spine to achieve a white state of the mind), and invoking demons. Through systematic traumatization of young children (from infant to age 6) who have the genetic ability to dissociate (creating isolated memory to handle trauma), they are able to create new personality (alter) in a child. By creating a lot of alters, they program the mind of the child like a computer. This is what causes the Multiple Personality Disorder (a.k.a. Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Also, the motive to create mind controlled slaves is there. It’s about power. If you have lived in this real world for enough time at all, you know there are always evil people who will be more than happy to use whatever available to create mind controlled slaves for their evil agenda and pleasures.

It is almost 100% proven that the CIA, and some other government agencies are corrupted and infiltrated. They helped the evil people to gain access to the children as well. See the links section in my article “Pray for the Children”.

When you combine the ingredients, the motives, and the resources that the elites have had in their disposal, it is not hard to believe that such things can exist.

I read the book last year, but some other researches I have been doing recently led me back to it. The more I research about it, the more dirt I dig up. Many people have awaken to the truth, and more whistle-blowers have stepped up. I have cried at least three times in these couple of days when I think about what the victims have been going through, especially when their torments started when they were children. To this day, many thousands of children go missing each year in the U.S. alone. It’s not hard to imagine the reason behind that, given the knowledge of the dark deeds that have been going on in the last century.

The reality is far more unbelievable than the wildest erotic fiction. The book in question estimated there were 2 millions Americans who had become mind controlled slaves as of writing (it was written 10+ years ago), and they were integrated into different part of the society secretly. It only takes one phone call to access the programming of these individuals, and make them do things that their front alter won’t ever remember, unless the programming malfunction (to them its malfunction, but to the victim it’s sign of recovery).

Many people have started coming out, even though many victims have been silenced, locked up in mental institutions, discredited as schizophrenic or bipolar, and threatened. Other credible people such as therapists, independent journalists, ex-programmers, and other activists have stepped up too.

In Hollywood alone, you can see the strange symbols, hand signs, and lines (verbal codes to access slaves’ minds) in many movie, TV show, talk show, concerts, and cartoons. Until this week, I still overlooked them, but after I was got tipped off by others who have read the book, I recognize them to be triggers that reinforce the programming of the slaves! Many celebrities are MPD slaves! I was heartbroken when I realized so many of the celebrities are mind controlled slaves!

This is not funny, even though I can imagine it would seem that way for those who have never heard of the Illuminati mind control, and that to say that many celebrities are mind controlled robotic humans are just too out there.

Assuming you have read the book, and the link I just provided above, and believed in what I am saying here, what’s next? Next is to think about how infiltrated other industries and sectors are by the mind controlled slaves, if it is already so horrible in Hollywood alone.

They have us surrounded! They have infiltrated governments, military, churches, charities, and many other strategic organizations. The only thing we can do to win this spiritual warfare is to pray.

On a lesser level but on a more massive scale, there are brainwashing for the mass. We are being force-fed with violence, promiscuity, murder, torture, betrayal, and other immorality everywhere we go. The reason they do that is to promote evil. This explains why there are increasing number of abusive relationships and families. When we watch these things, our souls would be defiled. We must be vigilant and guard our heart carefully.

The Stereotypical Witchcraft

The CG effects you see in movies that allow you to visualize the supernatural power of spells, abilities, curses, and so on do exist in real life, but they mainly exist in the minds of the mind controlled slaves. Some alters will never see the light of the day from the real world, but they continuously live inside a demonic version of the fantasy worlds that represent the inner world of the victims, such as the Wizard of Oz, Startrek, Neverland, and so on.

Programmers use one of these dream worlds to structure the programming of the victims. Under trance, the children see color much more vividly, combing with mind altering drugs, and the verbal hypnotic commands from the programmer, an unreal inner world can be constructed, and the alters can be housed inside the inner world. Alters do not necessarily know each others. They have heavily compartmentalized to minimize the risk of a coup against the programmer. In fact, alters are trained to watch and abuse one another to keep the system.

One of the philosophies of these people is “order out of chaos”, so it is no wonder that they create chaos inside the victims to get the order they want to create, just like how these same people have been creating chaos in the real world to get the kind of orders they want.

In case you ask, the Disney enterprise is one of theirs. They create this magical land for evil use. God knows what Disney really mean to the victims. To the rest of us, it means happiness and adventure, but to them it’s living hell.

Supernatural signs and wonders also exist in real life, but it is mainly generated by secret, advanced technologies, or demonic power, or both. Witchcraft is an art of deception. Unlike the power of God, which is dispensed through truth, witchcraft operates by deceptions. If you expose the secret, it loses its power. For example, once you are trained to recognize subliminal messages, or the mind controlled slaves, the deceptive power of these trickery is significantly reduced.

Mark 13:22

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect–if that were possible.

The ET aliens that have become so popular were designed to fit into the modern culture. In the Medieval time we had demons and angels, and in ancient time we had the gods, but today we have the super advanced ET aliens. The experiences of people who have encounters with the ET aliens are very similar to the experiences of demonic encounters in both current and old time. The messages these ET try to bring to the victims are always one and the same. It’s the New Age kind of belief that they are trying to reinforce. It’s always anti-Christian in a subtle or not so subtle way. See my article “Are Alien Real?

Oh and by the way, New Age is witchcraft. They are connected and compatible. New Age is just the old Babylonian religion, which the Bible says will eventually have a Babylon city in the End Time, and it will continue to drink the blood of the saints until its demise. Do not let its multiple fronts fool you. The Catholic Church is also full of Babylonian symbols, ceremonies, and structures. The Talmud is also derived from Babylonian teaching. Zionism is Babylonian too. The list goes on.

The Babylonian religion is highly deceptive and secretive. It has merged with every culture and was responsible for many cults, secret societies, occults, and fake religions. It has churned out religion after religion throughout history. Its origin traces back to the Babel Tower. Today, the European Union uses the Babel Tower as one of their symbols. The EU headquarter is designed to look like the Babel Tower. They are trying to reverse what God did to separate the nations in ancient time. Soon, all the fake religions in the world will merge too, and then the true face of the Babylon will reveal.

Their Financial Power

As secret societies infiltrated the governments, a lot of projects went underground. The vast amount of tax money went to fund secret projects. They made many excuses on why they had to have so many secrets. This doesn’t include the money they stole from citizens through the central banks. Every money bill they print comes with interest fee. They simply need to print the notes, and the people have to pay back with interest. This huge amount of profits they have been making worldwide go hidden. Many of the super riches behind the scheme don’t even have to pay tax, because their assets are so well hidden.

Where did the money go? It went to create their secret bases, stone mansions, super technologies, private armies, mega corporations, undercover officials, crime syndicates, lobby campaigns, fake grass-root movements, and other projects that do harms to the people whom they rob the money from.

How convenient? Using our money against us and create their tyrannical global government where we will become slaves, and they the elites. They want to be able to make decisions on whom they allow to live, how many children we may have, and who they deem worthy enough to serve in any selected level in their Satanic hierarchies.

They make it almost illegal for individuals to have technologies that compete with corporations. They are buying our lands and waters, and rent them back to us. In their dream world, we will be reduced to nothing but farm animals.

How did they achieve all these? They are very spiritual people who believe and obey everything their master tells them to do. They have been following patiently the plan of Satan for world domination for centuries. However, they are very easy to defeat, if the people of God only take the Bible literally.

According to the Bible, our faith can move mountains. We have the authority in Christ to bind and release everything on earth and heaven. The entire Old Testament also shows us the tough side of our heavenly Father. He promises us He would deal with the wicked in every imaginable way, which is graphically described in many Bible verses of the Old Testament. We can claim these promises now in our spiritual battles with the Satanic people who are controlling the world.

These people are doing everything that the Bible tells us not to do—pedophilia, sodomy, human sacrifice, demon worship, idol worship, divination, invoking demon, and chemical drugs. These things are the ingredients necessary to take away the wills of victims in brainwashing. For examples, human sacrifices would traumatize the participants and demonize them, reinforcing the control Satan has on his servants; sodomy creates bonding between the abuser and the abused for deep brainwash; pedophilia is necessary to create a complete mind controlled slave because they have to start as children if the enslavement is to be total; and the rest of the ingredients each play an important part in enslaving people as well.

Yes it is dark, but it also is their biggest weakness, because everything they do warrant the wrath of God, and we as Christian simply needs to take that to the throne and appeal to God, and justice will be served swiftly as long as the words of God promised it. As you know, the Old Testament has a lot of passages that directly condemn these things, and tell us what God will do about them. When you intercedes for the world, make sure you bring the wicked before God, and remind God of the exact passages that condemn their wickedness, requesting God to do what He says He will do under each condition.

Super Weapons

They can project any image of any god into the bright sky, using the blue beam technology. According to some hearsay, they have created angelical creatures, robots that repair robots, advanced underground base in Afghanistan, and bases on Mars. According to sources that have more proof and credibility, they already have genetically engineered soldiers, cybernetic implants, psychic warrior, hybrid warrior (animal & human), demon/human hybrids, anti gravity flying saucers (I saw a confirmed government saucer on Youtube, which is created in the 80s. Google “TR-3B”), and God knows how many super technologies that could have been ours if they let us develop our technologies and keep our own tax dollars.

We the people are infinitely creative. They don’t have the right to limit us. This is stealing.

I won’t doubt too much that flying saucers could date back to the Nazi German during the World War 2. There are Youtube videos that reveals the pictures and movies from that time. If a war torn country could come up with something like that in the middle of a war against almost so many nations, imagine how much we could do if we live in peace and were allowed the resources and freedom to develop technology.

The ugly truth is that the elites don’t want us to know what we are capable of. Humans have invented numerous technologies since the beginning of time, but humans corruptions and greed stood in the way and destroyed many. One example of that was the steam machine. The first steam machine was created at least 2000 years before the industrial revolution, but the slave-oriented economy at the time resist to adopt this technology for wider application, because the slave masters at the time wanted to protect their wealth, so having machines to compete with them was unthinkable.

We see the history repeating itself today. What the secret government has is at least 20 years more advanced than what we have now. See Illuminati Satanic 2012 UFO Event

Remember I mentioned earlier that their ultimate power is spiritual? Let us move on to a more revealing section.

The Principles of Sowing and Reaping

Their power comes not only from Satan, but also from God’s own laws. The way God created us gave us power in our words and thoughts. Everyone is capable of using his words and thoughts for good and for bad. When someone is discouraged and thinks he is nothing, then this thought will reduce him to nothing. We are the summation of our thoughts and words.

This is why the Satanists love to create novels (Harry Potter), movies, music, comics, and other arts. They spent billions on entertainment and fine arts not only to promote evil, but to manifest evil. Everything we have seen on the screen has almost came true. It is hard to think of something that hasn’t been realized that was once shown on screen.

We are living in a spiritual + physical world. Anything that we writes on paper, or cast on screen will eventually find its way into reality. This is one of the biggest secrets that they don’t want us to know. We need more people to generate godly influences through the media. Right now, the battles seem to be quite one-sided. You can begin to counter the evils by interceding for the world, and do something creative to convey your godly messages through arts such as Youtube video, short story, journals, websites, and etc.

Remember, everything you ever say, write, conceive, imagine, sing, chant, and all that will come true. Do not underestimate your world changing power.

Now let’s talk about demons.

The evil elites sacrifice humans and animals to conjure demons. Blood is a crucial part of their magic. The more people they kill, the more demons will be able to enter more humans, because demons feed upon fears, trauma, and pains. Right now, Satan is waiting for the world to be traumatized and demonized enough to move his sadistic plan onto the new phrase, especially for the North America, because the people living there are still very Christian. He needs more evils to conquer this part of the world.

The only way we can resist them is to do what the Bible tells us to do. We have to preach the whole Gospel, organize strategic prayer meetings, and build the biblical churches. There are also plenty of godly wisdom from the Bible that we need to learn to conquer this age.

Either we will experience the greatest revival in history, or we will suffer a Satanic age of chaos that is worst than all the major disasters we have ever encountered. The impression that I think God gave me about this is that, one way on another, the faithful Christians will get snatched to heaven during Rapture, and the remaining years of the current age will play out the same according to the prophecy of the Bible. Before Rapture, it’s up to us. It is important for us to fight a good fight to maximize the number of people who may qualify Rapture, and to minimize any damage Satan is able to do in the meantime.

Speaking of demonizing the nations. Satan wants to demonize as much people as he can to reach the critical mass he needs to unleash major Christians persecutions around the world. Some intercessors have got major prayer assignments from God to pray against what is coming. I believe it is also God’s impression for me to defend the United States at ALL COST, as it is the most strategic place on earth right now, spiritually speaking. We cannot lose this land of the bold and the free to Satan, otherwise freedom to preach will be greatly suppressed! We need the Internet to preach to every corner of the world effectively.

Spell, Hex, Curse, Voodoo, Automatic Writing, Palm Reading, and other Magic

According to an ex-Satanist, everything works. Oversea missionaries also witness the power of curses. It brings diseases, natural disaster, and sudden death to the targets. Even in North America, witches and warlocks engage in spiritual activities non-stop to destroy others, especially Christians.

Ezekiel 13:8

‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Woe to the women who sew magic charms on all their wrists and make veils of various lengths for their heads in order to ensnare people. Will you ensnare the lives of my people but preserve your own? 19 You have profaned me among my people for a few handfuls of barley and scraps of bread. By lying to my people, who listen to lies, you have killed those who should not have died and have spared those who should not live.

Magic has the power to kill the innocents, and keep the wicked alive! This explains why so many people got cancers (with the help of fluoridated water and fake foods), while the evil elites live to ripe old ages and still kicking around.

Many Christian websites teach how to defend against magic. While the enemies need a lot of rituals and fears to reinforce their power and obedient to Satan, we Christians have weapons that are much more powerful. They operate in secrecy. This is the only way to keep their power. Once they are exposed, simply prayers can bounce off their attacks, or return it to them.

I will write more about this aspect of the witchcraft in my future post. The key is to be vigilant, always ask the Lord what you need to do. The more you ask, the more you will learn about your spiritual condition, including who the real enemies are. Sometimes, just walking into a theater would encounter witchcraft attack, such as subliminal music that contains curses. There are high-tech equipment that repeat curses like that non-stop, without the passer-bys realizing it.


Now that you know what witchcraft includes, it’s time to pray against its power. The evil elites behind the governments are working hard to bring about the New World Order, and one of their weapons is witchcraft. They have been promoting it everywhere. It is no wonder why there are so many sci-fi movies, violent games, occult board games, and books that teach witchcraft everywhere. They use their financial power to subsidize these things. It is important to take away their financial power through prayers.

God promised He will make the sinners gather wealth, only to give it to the righteous (Ecclesiastes 2:26). If we don’t pray, the wicked will continue to stay alive and wealthy. We have to pray God’s words into reality, so God’s will can be done on earth as in heaven.

More will come in terms of how to defeat our enemies spiritually.

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  1. christine

    Witches do not believe in Satan that is a christian belief. Witches believe in doing no HARM that is our law. Witches are = to doctors, they heal, nurses, they tend to wounds, cooks they feed you, priest they listen to your woes and try to comfort, gardeners they tend to your garden. We respect nature and who who lives in it. WE believe in one FORCE, you call it God. Witches do not worsdhip SATAN because it’s an invention of the Christian church. “WE DO NO HARM” it’s a law, anyone calling himself /herself a witch and does this is not a witch. Contrary to the christian, we respect everyone even if they do not believe in what we do. people malign that which they don’t understand. Blessing to you.

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