1. Teresa Reilly

    Can I get more information on reversing Diabetes One, my son was diagnosed with type one at age 12 (he is now 14.) So, looking to help him out!!!! Do you have books, more info on type one?

    Thanks, there isnt much help for type one. I believe in God the almighty Father.

  2. saikit

    You have to understand that I can’t give you medical advice, but I can give you something I have read along the way so you may do further research! :)

    Pay attention to any case of allergy you son may have, because there is a big chance that your son has his pancreas function destroyed by vaccination, and the same thing that caused the diabetes 1 in your son usually cause other problems such as allergy and gut inflammation. The first thing is to find out how to detox properly and when he gets a proper detox, he will absorb nutritions much better from foods, or supplements. Second, you have to take care of his gut, and make sure it’s not inflammed. (Usually it takes a good cleansing procedure and then restore the gut flora with probiotics)

    It may not seem as relevant, but the gut has a lot to do with many health issues. If you want his pancreas function to restore, you must make sure that he absorbs nutritions properly. In the meantime, he can try liquid multi vitamins and minerals and see if he does better.

    There is also supplement that help regular the blood sugar level, such as selenium (it mimics insulin). You may want to try Brazil nuts, b/c it has a lot of selenium in each nuts. Do consult with trustworthy doctor such as naturopathic doctors to see what would help in your son case.

    Go to drhyman.com to look for more information. Dr. Hyman is one of the few doctors who are enthical and honest enough to give you non-Mayo solution that works, even though he is a certified Mayo doctor. You may also ask the same question to the staff from healthwyze.org. They are Christian journalists who are very resourceful about natural health remedies. Go to the forum and post your question there too and they will give you a well researched answer.

  3. shikhar morris

    Thank you for reminding me and my wife of God’s Promises in our life, we thank God for his people like you… who are actually the light of the world… thank you for showing us the light… we would keep you in our prayer… please keep doing this.

    with respect
    Shikhar and Ann

  4. Kimberly

    Can someone please answer the question directly, how do u become cured from type II diabetes? Whenever I find a health site, that question is never directly answered. They always seem to go all around the mulberry bush. Can some health professional please answer the question, please.

  5. saikit

    Go to healthwyze.org for answer They are the only one left who are willing to give you a possible solution with natural foods.

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