1. Bob

    Do you know where is the verse where Jesus told to think that you have something already when you ask God or something like it ? It is the verse about subconscious. I have found many site which write a lot of verses which have nothing about subconscious eventhough they pretend that the verses they show are about it. People do not understand what it is.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your readers

  2. Myc

    The subconscious mind is very real and so are the emotional pains. In my line of helping people with depression and skin diseases, I often detect mental anchors of I HATE MY BODY or I AM NOTHING. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool, one that will create the very identity that you have in your brain. It will create your reality according to your mental image. Eg. if a man believes he is a bad husband long enough, soon he will leave his wife or family or sabotage it in other ways.

    One client came to me with eczema so severe, he calls steroids his moisturizer cream. His whole body’s skin is as hard as callouses. After conducting muscle-testing (tapping into the subconscious answers), I told him something happened to him at 8 & 9yo creating the emotions of CRYING & UNWORTHY. Initially he said he couldn’t remember, then he said it was one of those boys stuff…at last he reluctantly revealed he was sodomized in a boarding school. Sadness and Unworthiness are open doors to eczema attacks (a psychosomatic disorder) and demonic attacks.

    However, my pastors prefer not to help people whom they cannot evangelize to (imagine an insurance agent who cannot sell you, he’s not interested in knowing you better). Yet God kept sending more of this people in pain to me…

    I hope your walk with Jesus continues even though church people are so “confused”.

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